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The Work in Action: Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses Grantee Spotlight

Oct 24, 2023

Since 1961, Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses has served Cincinnati’s West End Community on many levels. Their work is deeply informed by the wants and needs of the community. The organization was selected for two grants in Interact for Health's most recent round of funding.

Grant funding for Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses will bolster two of the organization’s programs, which focus on community power building and belonging, and mental health and well-being:

  • West End MOVES: Motivated, Organized, Vocalized and Empowered, which aims to identify, engage, empower and mobilize residents desiring change in the West End, focusing on legacy residents at risk, and

  • The Trauma Recovery Center of Cincinnati, which will remove barriers for trauma victims going through the three stages of recovery: stabilization and safety; counseling and support; and creation and restoration of survivor connections with their communities.

These two programs reflect the vitality, tenacity and spirit of West End residents, according to Sheila Nared, Trauma Recover Center Coordinator. “They have hopes and dreams,” she explained. “They don’t run from the problems or the needs of one another. They act on those needs.”

Encouraging residents to come together to reach shared goals is one of the hallmarks of Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses’ work. Recognizing that community voice and action are necessary to achieve lasting change, the organization is focused on bringing more voices to the table within the West End community to improve residents’ quality of life.

“Nothing is sustainable unless people are behind it and are passionate about it,” Alexis Kidd-Zaffer, Executive Director stated.

“We really want to capture and show the work that Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses is doing,” explained Ashlee Young, Vice President of Policy and Engagement for Interact for Health. “Being able to connect with people is what makes them a community-led organization.”

Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses is doing the work to amplify community power—and it ultimately reflects our shared commitment to ensure people in our region have a fair opportunity to live their best, healthiest lives.

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