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Our Approach

Embedded in all that we do is our commitment to advancing health justice. This commitment is seen in our values and how we approach our work.   

We are community-driven. 

We believe that those most affected by health injustices are best positioned to identify effective priorities and strategies for transformational change in their communities. 

We work for lasting systemic equity.  

We have a commitment to racial equity with a bias for policy and systems changes that address root causes, rather than direct services. As a catalytic funder, we take risks where others cannot. We take the long-term view to achieve lasting impact at scale.

We partner with trust.

We center relationships by leading with trust, respect, openness, and humility. We support and collaborate with others for collective action, rather than dictate what is needed. We embrace learning and hold ourselves accountable to the community. 

Priority Populations 

For people in our region to have a just opportunity to live their healthiest lives we must focus on improving the lives of those who experience the greatest injustices in health outcomes.  To achieve this, our efforts will prioritize the following populations:  

  • Black communities  
  • Hispanic communities  
  • Children and families with low incomes 
  • Rural communities