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Interact for Health has been working with partners to collect data for more than 25 years. The surveys are used by community organizations, researchers, policymakers and others to learn about health and health policy in our region.

Community Health Status Survey

The Community Health Status Survey gives an in-depth look at the self-reported health of residents of 22 counties surrounding Cincinnati. It was first conducted in 1996 and was most recently completed in 2022. Through comparisons, CHSS shows how Greater Cincinnati stacks up to the rest of the country and how our health is changing over time. The results give organizations, agencies, policymakers and residents the local data they need as they work to improve the overall health of Greater Cincinnati.

Greater Cincinnati Adult Tobacco Survey

Conducted in 2018 and 2022, the Greater Cincinnati Adult Tobacco Survey provides a comprehensive look at tobacco use behaviors, attitudes, and public opinion of adults in the region. The survey is a project of Interact for Health and is conducted by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati.

Greater Cincinnati COVID-19 Health Issues Survey

Between 2020 and 2021, Interact for Health conducted telephone and online surveys to understand the public’s behaviors, attitudes and opinions related to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinations.

Ohio and Kentucky Health Issue Polls

Beginning in 2005, Interact for Health conducted statewide polling in Ohio and Kentucky to measure adults' opinions about a variety of health-related policies such as health insurance coverage, mental health, knowledge of substance use, tobacco and e-cigarette use, and health policy opinions.

Child Well-Being Survey

Conducted in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the Child Well-Being Survey asked parents and caregivers of children younger than 18 about the health of their child. It was last conducted in 2017.

Other Community Health Data Resources

In addition to the data collected and analyzed by Interact for Health, the following resources may be useful to build a stronger understanding of your community’s health and inform efforts to advance health equity and justice.

  • PolicyMap provides access to thousands of indicators on health and the social drives of health from publicly available data sources. Interact for Health is partnering with Policymap to make the data mapping tool available to community partners across Greater Cincinnati.
  • City Health Dashboard provides data at the city level for more than 40 measures, including health outcomes, social and economic factors, health behaviors, physical environment and access to healthcare. The dashboard also provides links to model policies and programs.
  • Congressional District Health Dashboard provides data at the congressional district level for 36 measures, including demographics, social and economic factors, mental and physical health, and access to healthcare.
  • Child Opportunity Index uses Census data to track opportunity across neighborhoods based on 29 measures related to education, health and environment, and social and economic factors. Information is available at both the Census tract and ZIP code levels and can be broken down by race and ethnicity.
  • County Health Rankings provides county level data on more than 75 measures, including demographics, length and quality of life, health behaviors, social and economic factors, physical environment and access to healthcare.