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Ensuring Accountability

Our Commitment to Equity

Interact for Health is working to ensure people in our region have a just opportunity to live their healthiest lives, regardless of who they are or where they live. We are committed to conversations about equity that build connections and move us forward with enhanced insights and shared purpose. 

One way we will hold ourselves accountable is by collecting and publicly sharing data about our leadership, staff and other areas that demonstrate our progress and opportunities to advance equity. Stay tuned as we share more information throughout the year. 

Our Commitment to Our Grantees

One of our core values is: We partner with trust. We come to the table with humility, honesty and transparency. We start by listening.

One way that we listen is by asking our grantees directly about their experience working with us. Interact for Health has periodically (in 2004, 2010 and 2021) commissioned a Grantee Perception Report in partnership with the Center for Effective Philanthropy, a nonprofit that helps funders improve their effectiveness. Through a confidential survey, CEP gathers feedback from grantees on topics such as impact, communications, the grantmaking process, assistance beyond the grant and more. Our results are then benchmarked against our past performance and against 300 other foundations.  

One key input into our new strategic plan was the 2021 Grantee Perception Report. Of the 77 grantees surveyed at that time, 44 responded.

Grantees reported that Interact for Health rated higher than typical funders in the following areas: 

  • Impact on public policy. 
  • Advancement of knowledge in grantees’ fields. 
  • Having a strong understanding of the social, cultural and socioeconomic factors that affect grantees’ work. 
  • Positive, frequent interactions with Interact for Health staff.
  • Evaluation, discussing ideas for assessing impact and reporting processes.

Areas of improvement that were identified included: 

  • Providing clear and concise communications about Interact for Health’s priorities and goals. 
  • Increasing impact on the grantees’ organizations by examining Interact for Health’s typical grant characteristics (i.e., size, length and restricted/unrestricted) and providing a larger proportion of grantees with multi-year unrestricted support.
  • More explicitly communicating and demonstrating Interact for Health’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work.

For more details about the results and how Interact for Health is responding to this feedback, view the following: 

Previous Grantee Perception Reports

Financial information

Currently, Interact for Health provides more than $8 million of annual investments to the community through grantmaking, direct charitable operating programs, community research and evaluation, and education. This work is funded via a base $250 million charitable endowment, primarily from the proceeds from the sale of ChoiceCare to Humana in late 1997.  

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