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Policy and Systems Change

We believe that a key way to achieve lasting impact is to change policies and systems. We support public policy efforts that improve health and advance health justice in Greater Cincinnati.  

We are particularly focused on policies related to mental health and those addressing conditions in the places where people live, learn and play that affect their health, well-being and quality of life. We strive to center people affected by these policies to ensure that communities can build their own power through advocacy work and that efforts will be sustained so that communities can experience long-lasting change. 

Though we do not engage in lobbying activities, some key roles we play to advance health policy include: 

  • Strengthening organizational capacity and alliances to support equitable policy and system change.
  • Funding organizations to advance health policy issues.
  • Conducting public opinion polling.
  • Taking positions on policies.
  • Providing technical assistance and support to grantees and partners on policy issues.
  • Organizing advocacy capacity building opportunities.
  • Conducting in-depth evaluations of policy efforts. 

Narrative Change  

We believe in the power of the language that is used to tell stories. We are committed to challenging dominant narratives that focus on the individual rather than examine the root causes of inequities, such as poverty, racism and discrimination.  

We support efforts that elevate community voice, define people and communities by their aspirations and contributions rather than by their problems, and encourage those most impacted by disparities to lead the conversation and storytelling. 

Policy Position Statements

Interact for Health's board of directors adopts and issues position statements about policies related to its priority areas. Here are some of our past position statements.  

To learn more about our strategic planning process please click here.

For more information about our work to advance policy and system change focused on the social drivers of health, contact

Megan Folkerth, Program Director of Health Policy and Systems

For more information about our work developing and advancing mental health policy changes, contact

Sonya Carrico, Program Director of Mental Health Policy