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Access to reliable community data is necessary for understanding the progress our region is making to improve health and advance health justice.

Are the people living in Greater Cincinnati healthy? What barriers lead to some people living shorter lives across our region—up to 26 years less from one neighborhood to another? While access to healthcare plays a role, many factors – a good education, affordable housing, a stable income, reliable transportation and social connection – work together to influence health.

Interact for Health is partnering with PolicyMap to make publicly available data more accessible and usable by community partners.

The interactive map below displays nearly 40 data points that provide a snapshot of health and the social drivers of health at the neighborhood and county levels.

Get started: Click the orange NEW MAP button below to select the data you want to view on the map. Click the arrow in the top right corner to open the map in a new tab.

Data mapped by PolicyMap, an online GIS mapping tool.

Want to dig deeper into the data? Interact for Health is providing subscriptions to PolicyMap’s full data mapping tool—which includes thousands of data points on a variety of geographic levels—to select community partners. If you are interested in a subscription to PolicyMap for your organization, please contact Colleen Desmond at